The Beginning

The Beginning

Our ambition was to simply make a better bag. We couldn’t find what we wanted ‑ a creative blend of exceptional quality, personal style, and everyday functionality ‑ so we decided to make the ultimate carry‑on for an audience of one. Obviously, that led to a lot more. Fast forward five years and now we happily share our obsession for exceptional Engineered Luxury by offering limited‑edition bags known for their creativity, extraordinary quality and everyday usability.
Design Principles

Design Principles

Our approach, called Engineered Luxury, is equal parts form
and function, beauty and utility. Our goal is to design bags
that are immune to seasons or vanishing trends because of
their quality, usability, and uniquely personal style. We are heavily influenced by the concept of timeless, to which we
apply a creative twist. With a broad perspective, we
constantly explore new materials and artisanal applications
that provide our customers the utility they expect and the unique style they want.
What Makes Us Unique?

What Makes Us Unique?

We’ve all heard the saying, quality comes first. Of course, that
might be promotional hyperbole for some but we really live it.
We are committed to using the best possible materials and then applying uncompromising craftsmanship to offer the exceptional. But, there’s more.  What really sets us apart is our vison to create handcrafted works of art. Like a painting or couture dress, every one of our bags is unique, numbered
as part of a limited‑edition series, or literally one‑of‑a‑kind.


Experimentation, and the acceptance of failure, on the
way to exceptional outcomes, is part of our culture. We
test incessantly to improve the experience of owning a
Virgil James bag. Whether it’s our handcrafted bronze
hardware, custom polished carabiners, convertible panels,
or the cashmere felt that we developed with partners in
Mongolia, we are constantly innovating. Add to this
what’s required to maintain extraordinary craftsmanship
and it’s clear there is no status quo at Virgil James.
Product Collections

Our Collections

Our Collections are both timeless and uniquely expressive.
They share an obsession for exceptional quality and
everyday utility. The limited-edition CityLine Collections
are influenced by memorable places. They are subtle and
refined, minimally accented, to complement any look.
The Convertible Collections are one-of-a-kind style
statements, with the flexibility to reflect your changing
mood, occasion or personal style. They can be subtle or
loud, refined or edgy – whatever you want.
Experience Counts

Experience Counts

Understandably, great products don't just happen. We
are strong believers in the strength of diversity - ideas,
experiences, skills, and creative approaches. We believe
that exceptional outcomes also require a willingness to
experiment (and fail), and constantly improve. All of
our talent and resources – employees, Ambassadors,
partners, and suppliers – are committed to maintain
the Virgil James standard of uncompromising quality
and authentic, everyday usability.
Buying From Virgil James

Buying From Virgil James

We use a direct sales approach. You can purchase our
products only from us (online or at a pop-up store) or
through our personal Ambassadors. Avoiding the
traditional retailer makes it possible to eliminate their
mark-up, and offer you exceptional quality at more
attractive prices. This also allows us to interact with
every customer and ensure that your experience
(before, during, and after a purchase) is as good as the
product, which we guarantee as long as you own it.